Unlucky lottery winners Bentley flooded

Money buys you many things in life but not it seems luck. Although Robert Johnson was lucky was good enough the win £5 million ($7.5M) on the UK national lottery three years ago, his luck ran out when the businessman drove on to a flooded road in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England.

The £120,000 Bentley was left stranded as it’s lottery winners owner made his escape. A neighbour said that Robert had driven along the road many times before when it had be flooded but this time he misjudged the depth and pushed his luck a little too far whilst on the way to a business meeting.

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He accelerated through the water which had flooded the road from a near by stream which had burst its banks due to heavy rain but instead of going through it the car started to float away as the 4 wheel drive system lost grip with the road.

As water started to fill the car up from the floor and before it could turn into a luxury submarine, Robert managed to open the door and get out. A recovery truck was called but by the time it had a arrived the water had risen to over three feet in depth and it couldn’t be rescued in time, he was forced to abandon it in the flooded road.

Robert Johnson, 65, had shunned publicity after his £5 million ($7.5M) jackpot lottery win in 2008. He spent part of the winnings a new Bentley Continental GT which was his “pride and joy” according to friends.

Afterwards Roberts said  ‘I don’t know what all the fuss is about, it’s just a flooded Bentley,’ he said. ‘I’ve gone out and got a new car. Job done.’

He has replaced the Bentley with a new Mercedes


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