About Us

Welcome to celebrityriches. We report on how the rich and famous make and spend their wealth.

For the rich and famous the last few years have seen their wealth increase dramatically even though we’ve still been in a recession and everybody else but what do they do with all that money, how do they make it and what could you buy with it if you had that level of wealth.

Transport yourself off to another world of luxury, extravagance and sheer one-upmanship where the biggest and most expensive today is superseded by something even more stupendous tomorrow.

Whether it be your favourite celebrities, pop stars, film stars, businessmen/women or the type of things they like to buy from mega-mansions, luxurious houses, exotic island hideaway’,s luxury and supercars, planes, yachts and mega-boats to fabulous one-off customised gadgets, jewellery, art and much more.

Like the saying goes, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”.