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How much is Alan Sugar Worth ?

Alan Sugar (Lord Sugar) Net Worth

How much is Alan Sugar Worth?. Alan Sugar, AKA Lord Sugar has an estimated net worth of US$1.14 billion (£770M), Businessman, media personality, and political adviser.....

GoPro Makes Founder Nick Woodman a Billionaire

Nick Woodman GoPro Billionaire

You've probably seen the amazing footage on TV and YouTube of people jumping off bridges, skydiving, surfing, cars and motorbikes hurtling round the track and all from the person's viewpoint or from the end of a ski, surfboard or somewhere on the car etc. If you have then chances are it was shot using a [...]

Zong Qinghou China’s richest man net worth $20.1Bn

Zong Qinghou China’s richest man

Zong Qinghou's is China's richest man and his story parallels that of China over the last 25 years from a slumbering Communist backwater into the capitalist powerhouse of today and becoming the workshop of the world.. It was over 25 years ago when Zong Qinghou was 42 years old, he eked out a living selling [...]

worlds richest 100 got $240bn richer in 2012

Its a Billionaires Bonanza and as recent report by Oxfam shows the worlds richest 100 people quite dramatically increased their net wealth despite of the recession and all the financial problems which many people are facing. The report says that in 2012 their combined net income was approximately $240 billion (£150 billion). This would be [...]