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Cookies are used on this website for the correct function of the website itself and for tracking so we can better understand how to present information to our visitors. These cookies do not contain any personal information about the visitor. If you are in the EU then you will see a cookie opting for when you first visit the site this allows you to either to continue to use a site with cookies enabled or turn them off, this is in line with EU regulations covering all EU member states.

Do I have choices regarding how my information is used?
You remain in control of your information. At the time you provide your information, you can choose whether you want to receive further communications about website information or other marketing messages. You can opt-out of any marketing communications from at any time by contacting us. All e-mail communications from us, such as newsletters, tell you how to stop receiving them.

Do you sell or give information to other 3rd parties?
No, does not sell or give its data to any 3rd parties or companies that are not directly under our control.

Can I access/update my information? wants your information and preferences to be accurate and complete. If you would like to access or update the personal information we maintain about you in our systems, contact us using any of the methods below.

How long will my information be stored?
We believe it is important, for privacy and security reasons, to delete information when it is no longer needed. Data retention periods differ depending on the type of information collected and its intended purpose. We will store your e-mail address if you’ve subscribed to one of our newsletters until you opt-out or you tell us you no longer wish to receive communications from us.  If you send us a question or concern, we will maintain your information for a reasonable period of time and then delete it.

You may request to delete any personal information you have submitted to the by contacting us using any of the methods below. We will then take all reasonable steps to functionally delete all such information from our database.

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PLEASE NOTE: Please include your full name and address in any correspondence with our data management department so we can trace your record.