Lindsay Lohan and Mum on verge of losing house as finances crumble

Lindsay Lohan, the troubled star and her mother Dina look like they may be losing their mansion in Long Island, New York. She had only recently moved back in there when Chase bank who holds the mortgage for the property issued court papers saying they were intending to repossess on the property on Thursday 14th of February 2013.


Lindsay Lohan on the red carpet

A notice was hung up on the gate of the house in Merrick, Long Island. The envelope which said on it “Important information enclosed” were confirmed later as to be in connection with the mortgage.


Court papers in the envelope


If this is not sorted they will loose the house soon

Lohan was said to have left Los Angeles because she could no longer afford the rent on the home she had in Beverly Hills. She had been reported to have been staying with a friend in their Manhattan apartment rent-free until she could sort out where to go. It looks like she has now been forced back home because she has nowhere else to go.

Lindsay’s mother, Dina has been negotiating with Chase bank for some time over its attempts to repossess the property because the mortgage payments have not been kept up.

Back in October 2012, Lindsay was said to have given her mother a loan of $40,000 to pay off the debts and keep the house. Though in a phone call that was recorded by her father Michael Lohan she demanded that her mother gave her back the $40,000 she had just loaned her. When she was asked why she gave her mother the money she said “Because she needs to keep her house”.

Lindsay was believed to be living back at home with her mother Dina, occupying the room she had when she was a teenager.

Lohan’s finances are pretty much of a train wreck at the moment. She is currently trying to sue her 6126 clothing label partners for $1.1 million for breach of contract.

But the star of Liz and Dick has had her accounts frozen because she still owing $234,000 in unpaid taxes and her abode is officially known as “nowhere to live” apart from home.

She is still on probation over charges relating to the theft of a necklace in 2011 even though she has entered a no contest plea. She was in court again on 30th of January and was told she could still be in violation of her probation this time because of charges relating to a car crash he had in summer 2012 even if she is found not guilty.


Lindsay Lohan looking for a party

During the same court sitting, the judge set a trial date of 18 March 2013 for the case where the she is accused of lying to the police and reckless driving, both of which she denies.

Her acting career looks almost as bad as her finances. Her performance in the biopic Liz and Dick has been heavily criticised and her new project The Canyons was rejected by the South by Southwest film Festival.

Much of this can be seen like a slow train coming. Her party life has impacted on her career considerably since 2007. People say how she is difficult to work with and constantly late due to being up all night partying. This caused her to lose good roles and her performances in the ones she has had have been mediocre and panned by the critics.

Lindsay was paid $300,000 for her part in a lifetime TV movie “Liz and Dick” and she had a further $200,000 for a cameo appearance in Scary Movie. But for her latest appearance she was paid just $6500 in “The Canyons”.

However, their outgoings have carried on as if she was still learning the millions she was doing before 2007. During 2012 she had a Beverly Hills mansion which cost $8000 per month to rent. She also owes $40,000 to a tanning salon, quite how is still a mystery, $90,000 for limousine hire and $144,000 for storage lockers.

Then there’s the Château Marmont luxury hotel bill of $46,000 and she also bought a Porsche $80,000. On top of all this there is the $40,000 that she has loaned her mother to save her house and then the lawyer’s bills for numerous occasions she has been arrested since 2010 which amount to over $300,000. It’s no wonder she forgot to pay her $234,000 tax bill.

Though it looks like she is flat broke at the moment things could turn around quite quickly if she can find the right backer and she can control her wild nightlife and get things back on track. It’s been done before by other stars and after all she is only 26, so it’s not too late for her either.

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